Do you like balloons?

I am BALLOON a.k.a. Fu-sen. in Japan.
(風船=ふうせん(Fūsen) is a balloon in Japanese)
This BBS name is “Ballon” in French.

Because I have been in Japan for a long time,
I did not have the opportunity to speak English.
On one hand,
recently I have an English conversation
with Facebook, YouTube, etc.
Many people from the world
come to Japan in recent years.
(There are big sports games in Tokyo 2020
and World’s Fair in Osaka 2025)
Therefore, I thought that
I needed to become stronger in English.

I happened to see a movie on Telnet BBS on YouTube.
I have time to open BBS before the Internet spreads.
And there was a Windows 10 PC
which almost never touched familiar place.
(This PC was originally purchased for server purpose)
I installed Mystic BBS on this
and decided to use Telnet BBS.

By the way… Do you like balloons?

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Ballon BBS began publishing in the Telnet BBS Guide

Ballon BBS opened!

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